The Current focuses on issues surrounding water access and security, collaboration, innovation, and sustainable investment, to support lasting economic change in underserved communities.

Produced by Blue Access LLC
Music by Carlo Ladd
Introduction by Canning Robb

Water is the most critical environmental issue of the 21st century. Lack of infrastructure, water pollution and contamination, water waste, a growing population, and changing climate conditions all contribute to the global water crisis. In this inaugural episode of The Current, Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, a lifelong advocate for human rights, female empowerment, and sustainability, speaks with Blue Access CEO Kathy Robb, about how the new company is working to develop innovative sustainable finance solutions to address critical water issues. With a primary focus on water access in underserved communities, initial work includes a five-city pilot survey project, the creation of a fellowship supporting scientific research at Columbia Engineering, and engaging with partners to establish a “Blue Bank” to fund priority water projects.