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Sustainable Finance

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Sustainable Finance

The complexity of water, and the systems that people depend on to access it, requires financing strategies that incorporate a range of approaches. Blue Access is designed to generate new sustainable finance tools that can attract investors looking for fresh approaches to address one of the most pressing issues of our time.

The water access, quality, and scarcity challenges we face require significant financial investment. In the United States, water investments need to be ramped up from $41 billion to $123 billion per year. Globally, investment in water and wastewater must increase to about $6.7 trillion by 2030 and $22.6 trillion by 2050. Blue Access is positioning itself to spark new investment strategies that offer not only a solution to water scarcity, but also ignite systematic change to the existing financial frameworks, and support lasting economic change in underserved communities.

Blue Access mobilizes local expertise and knowledge to create sustainable and forward-looking financial practices. Our strategy focuses on prioritizing water and capital equally and transforming how water investment and infrastructure are managed. Sustainable finance mechanisms that Blue Access considers include:

● Investing in infrastructure projects and innovative technologies

● Creating investment vehicles, such as water fund portfolios

● Establishing a water rights program to benefit farming communities

● Supporting NGOs working to address local, state, and global water security

● Developing a grants program for partner research efforts