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Our Partners

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Blue Access’s collaborative approach builds effective partnerships and alliances to support our company goals. Our partners include individuals, communities, institutions, and organizations that promote the research, development, and implementation of sustainable solutions to the world’s water crisis.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships allow us to leverage collective knowledge and shared resources to assess local water issues and address water needs in underserved communities. This partnership model enhances the availability of reliable data needed for our work, strengthens our ability to develop innovative water-finance solutions, expands our capacity to access cutting-edge technology, and amplifies our efforts to measure overall progress.

Only through working with partners aligned with our company’s mission can we successfully advance scalable strategies, technologies, and sustainable investment practices to meet the water-related needs of vulnerable populations.

If you are interested in learning more about how you or your organization can partner with Blue Access, please contact us at

Our Partners include:

  • Community organizations
  • Educational and scientific institutions
  • Environmental conservation organizations
  • Innovative technology developers and companies
  • Investors
  • Local and municipal governments and agencies
  • Sustainable finance companies and organizations
  • Water security-focused organizations