The Current focuses on issues surrounding water access and security, collaboration, innovation, and sustainable investment, to support lasting economic change in underserved communities.

Produced by Blue Access LLC
Music by Carlo Ladd
Introduction by Canning Robb

In this episode, Blue Access CEO Kathy Robb talks with Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, a leading voice for equity and sustainability for more than 40 years, about the interconnectedness of environmental justice and water scarcity. The discussion provides historical context about the disproportionate impact of pollution on vulnerable populations, the emergence of the political movement in the 1980s to ensure access to healthy communities, and an assessment of the current landscape where the lack of basic access to clean water and sanitation continues for poor communities in the U.S. and throughout the world. The conversation also delves into the unique impact of this inequity on women. Despite continued challenges, there is much reason for optimism. In fact, we are “literally at the threshold” of putting the necessary pieces together – the political, scientific, economic, and social justice components – to solidify meaningful, lasting change that will allow all people to live and thrive in a healthy, pollution-free environment.