Blue Access began in 2019, to address the legacy inequalities that surround water. We deplore racism against Blacks and all people, and work for structural change in water access and finance to achieve water equity in underserved communities.

Blue Access’s central objective, even more important at this extraordinary moment in time, is to provide a grassroots vehicle for underserved communities to identify water needs, by investing in high-impact solutions that foster water equity and structural change to an ineffective system. Our approach is rooted in local water issues to spark transformations in capital investment, and scaling those solutions globally. This approach is not based on market theories, but rather forged from tangible concrete community experience and input. Worldwide innovations to better manage water are transforming access to water. We support and spread these practices, not recycle old solutions that have contributed to our current problems.

Digging in at the local level allows us to explore with communities whether new water technology, such as solar panels that turn air into water, are viable, a kind of technology that doesn’t just sound good but actually works and can translate beyond the developing world. For example, is a low-income family in Alabama who has had issues with their well willing to try out a technology that has been used outside the US? And how would that technology raise the income of the community and encourage structural change in investing?

These are the kinds of questions our work at Blue Access asks and will answer. We are committed to a sustainable future for everyone.