Water is critical to human life and economic security. The persistent pressures on water stability that have challenged us for decades are only increasing, and have proven difficult to resolve. What is needed are new solutions at the community level. What better time for Blue Access LLC. 

I fell in love with water as a kid growing up in Texas, where we could smell the rain coming, and thrilled at bone-shaking thunderstorms that cooled things down. We learned the difference between the taste of good and bad well water. Trips in the family station wagon to national parks took us across many of America’s great rivers, including the Mississippi and the Colorado. And we swam in the Gulf and the ocean. As an environmental lawyer, I’ve worked most of my professional life considering water-related issues.

Water is pervasive in our lives, and we each have a relationship with it. We came from water, and we are made up of it. We require water for human health, the health of other species and the environment, energy production and generation, recreation, agriculture, and industrial uses. The current struggle with COVID-19, where frequently washing our hands is a line of first defense, only underscores the importance of water to each of us in a simple way that most of us did not focus on even a month ago. 

And yet water is mobile and flows variably over the course of a year and in patterns across eras; is unevenly distributed globally; is sensitive to drought and extreme weather events; requires expensive infrastructure to move from one location to another due to its mass; and is highly sensitive to contamination. These unique characteristics, and the increased demand for water due to population growth, intensify water stress on our supply of clean water. Because of these characteristics, water defies a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Ironically, a physical abundance of water locally does not necessarily translate into access to an adequate supply and quality water. In many communities in the US and worldwide, there is a lack of governance, water management, and economic support required to maintain access to clean water for everyone. 

Blue Access works with communities in need to identify their specific water issues and provide capital for the solutions that are supported by residents. It is a privilege to serve as its first CEO to implement innovative solutions to the water challenges facing us all.