PODCAST: Innovative Technology for Equitable Water Access and Sanitation

In this episode of The Current, Blue Access CEO Kathy Robb talks to Dr. Kartik Chandran, an environmental engineer and professor at Columbia University, about the cutting-edge research underway at Columbia’s Wastewater Innovation and Environmental Justice Lab. To successfully address systemic water access and sanitation challenges, Dr. Chandran discusses how recasting wastewater as a valuable, highly enriched form of water (containing carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and energy) can provide a pathway for shifting from the traditional wastewater treatment framework to a new model that invests in technology for waste resource recovery. Dr. Chandran’s research methodology, which focuses on community input and emphasizes the critical importance of asking the right questions, ensures that technology solutions are tailored to community needs. The recently announced Blue Access Postdoctoral Fellowship provides direct support for the lab’s groundbreaking work to improve water access to underserved communities. Under the direction of Dr. Chandran, the Postdoctoral Fellow will conduct scientific research and sampling in Alabama’s Black Belt communities to identify innovative solutions for providing equitable access to water and sanitation where traditional technologies have failed.

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