Chief Impact Officer

Blue Access LLC currently seeks a full-time Chief Impact Officer (CIO) to support our work on priority issues in water and sustainable investing. We identify and address water access issues in underserved communities and invest in innovative financial solutions to address water needs.

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Blue Access LLC Announces New Fellowship Supporting Scientific Research at Columbia Engineering

Professor Kartik Chandran, Ph.D.

Blue Access LLC and Columbia Engineering announce a new partnership that will fund critical scientific research for improved water access in low-income and minority communities. The Blue Access Postdoctoral Fellowship supports research under the direction of Professor Kartik Chandran, Ph.D. at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. The work will concentrate on water sampling and analysis in the Alabama Black Belt to improve water access to underserved communities.

“This sampling and scientific research in the Alabama Black Belt is one way we will collaborate with communities as they continue to further define their water access issues, and will help inform technological and financial solutions to address systemic problems,” Blue Access CEO Kathy Robb said. “Blue Access is proud to support Dr. Chandran’s groundbreaking global work on water and sanitation by establishing this fellowship.” 

“We are pleased to provide an academic home for this research and are indeed grateful for the support of Blue Access LLC and for the opportunity to be part of such an impactful project,” Dr. Chandran said. 

The fellowship stems from a mutual relationship each organization has with Catherine Flowers, a champion of environmental justice and water issues in Lowndes County, Alabama. Flowers has worked at the grassroots level for decades to reduce economic disparities and improve wastewater access to marginalized and rural communities.

The Blue Access Postdoctoral Fellowship runs from September 2020 through September 2021. 

Blue Access LLC is a New York City-based sustainable finance company that invests in enduring solutions to meet urgent water challenges. Driven by community collaboration and dialogue, we engender financial strategies that meet local water needs, provide long-term value for investors, and innovate global approaches to ensure water security. 

Columbia Engineering, based in New York City, is one of the top engineering schools in the U.S. and one of the oldest in the nation. Also known as The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School expands knowledge and advances technology through the pioneering research of its more than 220 faculty, while educating undergraduate and graduate students in a collaborative environment to become leaders informed by a firm foundation in engineering. The School’s faculty are at the center of the University’s cross-disciplinary research, contributing to the Data Science Institute, Earth Institute, Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Precision Medicine Initiative, and the Columbia Nano Initiative. Guided by its strategic vision, “Columbia Engineering for Humanity,” the School aims to translate ideas into innovations that foster a sustainable, healthy, secure, connected, and creative humanity.