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Transforming the business of water

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What is Blue Access?

Blue Access is a sustainable finance company that invests in enduring solutions to meet urgent water challenges. Driven by community collaboration and dialogue, we engender financial strategies that meet local water needs, provide long-term value for investors, and innovate global approaches to ensure water security.

Why focus on water?​

Water is the critical environmental issue facing us in the 21st century. Population growth, water pollution and contamination, water waste, lack of infrastructure, and changing climate conditions all contribute to a global water crisis: a crisis that threatens to destabilize regional economies and social stability. Under current projections, in 2030 global demand for water will exceed the available water supplies by 40%, highlighting the urgency to secure water at the local, national and global levels.

Private investment in water infrastructure is desperately needed to fill the gap left from insufficient levels of government funding. Blue Access meets a need for innovative, domestic, and global water investing.

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